Broadly speaking, Brian has an innate sense of how the scattered pieces of our own history weave together and point to a path forward that we are indeed creating for ourselves.  He has, many times over, helped me see how my life experiences and choices are not random or unrelated to my larger aspirations. He patiently affirms how exploring our struggles, doubts, and feelings of being lost are critical to finding our voice and passion.

More specifically, Brian guided me through the job search process from start to finish early on in my work experience. He provided feedback on how to search for jobs that aligned with my interest and experience, how to present myself for a position that was a bit of a reach, which content to include on my resume, and what to emphasize in my interview. He offered guidance on small, extra steps I could take to make sure my resume did not get lost in the pile and etiquette to use with my potential employer to demonstrate professionalism and reliability. I landed the job, but ultimately I did not feel that the position was in the right field for me. Instead of seeing it as a mistake and time wasted, with Brian’s help, I came to see how the experience was a valuable step toward understanding where I needed to take more risks in order to access new opportunities. I can trace my current satisfaction with my career to having learned and analyzed what failed to satiate my passion, and helped steer me toward what inspires me. Brian’s guidance, in the form of tangible action steps and a developing an attitude of persistence and self-worth, has stayed with me for years since as I continue to refine and pursue my vision.

Laila Bernstein

Brian has an impressive way of understanding social dynamics and creating a harmonious meeting of the minds where one did not exist before. Brian has, quite frankly, been a role model for how we can bring out the best in friends, colleagues, and ourselves.

Natalie Klein

Brian is someone who will give you his warmth, compassion and generosity of time. It is rare to find someone who will truly listen and not judge your experiences or thoughts. His ability to give assurance means a great deal in times of uncertainty. If you are looking for a kind heart to provide you some guidance, Brian is the one for you.

Karen Snyder

I have known Brian for five years—from both a personal and work perspective.  He was there for me when I had cancer, provided me with new perspectives and opportunities through shared passions, and made use of his networks to encourage my interests.

It takes a special person to add value through “support” of our journeys without “doing” it for us.  Brian is that person.  His encouragement, empathy, caring, and exceptional active listening skills provide perspectives and insights from which self-empowerment comes naturally.

Cheryl Vander Schaaf


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