Frequently Asked Questions

What is coaching?

If you look up coaching in an online search engine or dictionary, you will find many definitions.  At RYV, we see coaching as empowerment.  The world is full of possibility, negative and positive.  Brian will help you focus on specific choices that you will have the ability to stick to.  Warning:  coaches don’t do anything for you; we help you do uncover a calling and pursue it.

On a practical scale, this can involve asking questions, sorting through information, sitting beside you for a potentially intimidating phone call, navigating internet sites, or just hearing you out.  Brian creates a safe environment, completely confidential, in which you can pursue any goal, with consistent support.

How long are the sessions?

Typically coaching sessions are 50 minutes.  However, sometimes back-to-back sessions are preferable in order to accomplish a task.  Clients take charge in coaching sessions, and the coach listens, helping to sift the silt from the gold.

Where are you located or where do these sessions take place?

RYV has affiliated meeting sites in Newton, Somerville, and Watertown, MA although many people choose a space where they already feel comfortable…a local coffee shop, a park, and in some cases their home.  A great deal of coaching is done over the phone or even via video telecommunication.  After an initial discussion with your coach via email or phone, depending on the content of the session, a suitable place can be determined.

Many of the other FAQs are answered on the Vision Coaching, Interpersonal Coaching, and Facilitated Social Networking pages.  More questions are welcomed.  Contact us!


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