Vision Coaching

We all have a vision at our core.  Our Core Vision is composed of imagination, hopes, and dreams, but is obscured by layers of fears, expectations, and anxiety.  The events of our lives–especially trauma and absorbed lessons–create these layers and they are difficult to pull back.  Through Vision Coaching, RYV help you pull back those layers.  This is a sensitive, challenging process, but it is invaluable.

Some of us know what we really want to do.

Some of us don’t.

Experience shows that most people are somewhere in between.  We are like original masterpieces that have been painted over.  RYV will help you wipe away the covering.

Vision Coaching involves investigation and a leap of faith.  Of all our services at RYV, Vision Coaching is the most in-depth and thereby offers the greatest potential for growth and fulfillment.


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