Interpersonal Coaching

Do you ever feel your heart race when speaking with someone you don’t know?  I know this feeling well.

Whether in person or over the phone, talking to people we don’t know, don’t know well, or even those we do know can prove challenging. You may not believe it yet, but you are up to this challenge.  RYV can help you breathe through these situations and not let fear or other obstacles keep you from fruitful communicative exchanges.

When we communicate we share.  That involves risk.  The saying may be a cliche, but with risk comes reward.  RYV helps reduce the risk in communication, and maximize the reward.  Interpersonal coaching is really a gift you give to yourself.  Meeting people, knowing people, especially in our highly digitized and media-driven world, is not easy.  We can make it easier.

Our online services are better known as Facilitated Social Networking.  Many people elect to invest in a combination of RYV’s services.


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  1. Carol Says:

    Hi Brian,

    I chedked out the website. What you are doing is interesting and far from anything I have expertise in. Wish you luck.


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