Facilitated Social Networking

Do you hate networking? Me too.  Or at least I used to.  Over time I learned to use my comfort zone to create connections.  From a strengthened foundation, I became able to branch out.  It’s a lot easier to push your comfort zone when you’re operating from within it.

Do you feel stuck? Are you trying to increase your professional network, or to make more friends?

Do you dread the room with lot of strangers, where you think you should talk to them to further your career or your personal life?

When we have something at stake, our anxiety skyrockets.  I have developed strategies that will help you achieve your goals, however modest or grand.  We will work to wipe away the anticipation of that big room and uncover a strong foundation from which you can branch out.  However you want to increase your network, online or offline, you can.

Envision the possibilities.

RYV offers online facilitation services using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, dating/personal and other sites to be strategic about your goals, personal, professional or both.  Most people use a great deal of excess time meandering online and lose track of where they want to go.  RYV helps keep you focused on using the internet as a tool rather than a distraction/escape.

Our offline services are better known as Interpersonal Coaching.  Many people elect to invest in a combination of RYV’s services.


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